Mortgage Loan Process

4-Step Guide to the Mortgage Process

From finding the right house and making an offer to securing a loan and getting the keys, navigating the home financing process can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. But as they say, “Knowledge is power,” and knowing what to expect at each step can help you avoid scary surprises, plus increase your preparedness as you make the big decisions. And don’t forget: I’ll be with you every step of the way.


Get Pre-Approved

Complete online application and I’ll pull your credit.  I’ll collect documents from you to and discuss your options.



Verification & Approval

Your file gets underwritten, title and appraisal ordered


Make an Offer

Your realtor will advise you on the best offer to make. Once your offer is accepted and after negotiating the terms and conditions, you’ll send me the contract.



We send the title company money and required legal documentation. The final legal documents are signed, and you’re handed the keys to your new home. Congratulations!



Items Needed for Pre-Approval


Pay Stubs

From the last 30 days

Federal Tax returns

From the past 2 years including all W-2’s and schedules from all employers

Official ID

A copy of your driver’s license

Ample Funds

Verification of down payment and reserves with entire account statement for the past 2 months

Additional items that may be needed

  • If you are divorced, we may need a copy of your divorce decree.
  • If you pay or receive child support or alimony, we will need a copy of the court order and verification of the last 12 months of payment or receipt.
  • If you are retired or on Social Security, we will need a copy of your annual awards letter.
  • If you own more than 25% of a business, we will need two years of business tax returns.
  • If you have filed bankruptcy in the last ten years, we will need the bankruptcy documents, along with the discharge of debtors

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